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Community Outreach

We prioritize community outreach and strive to make a positive impact through various initiatives and programs.

What We Do

The Pearlie Mae Ford Community Service Club of Sanford, Inc. proudly serves Sanford, Florida and surrounding areas. If you would like our assistance with an event or believe that we can help your organization, please submit a support request.


We will carefully consider your request and promptly respond with our decision.

Supporting with local Food Drives and Pantry Programs, we celebrated our first Picnic Project in 2020, adhering to the outlined public safety mandates.

We visit churches to encourage involvement in faith-based organizations. Contact us for inquiries about our support for service initiatives like Youth Programs, Bible Study, and Fellowship.

We support local events like 5K Runs, Mardi Gras Celebrations, and Educational Workshops in Sanford. Contact us to have Pearlie Mae Club join your activity.

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