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The Ubuntu Village Project (UVP) is a five-year, collaborative community project that consists of three programs focusing on empowering and uplifting the most vulnerable populations in the community of Sanford, Florida and the surrounding areas. 


The three UVP programs, Inspire, Ignite, and Indulge, target youth, women, and seniors.

  1. Inspire focuses on youth college and career readiness.

  2. Ignite focuses on the empowerment of women and will launch in year three.

  3. Indulge focuses on the care and the uplifting of senior citizens and will launch in year four.  


Ubuntu is a Bantu word and philosophy that means, “I am because we are.” We intend to demonstrate the effectiveness of collaboration, to show that we all benefit when we place our collective goals above any individual. 


By working with other organizations who support our target populations we will support the academic and identity development of underserved youth thereby increasing educational opportunities and attainment.  Secondly, we will provide marginalized women with information and access to economic and academic opportunities. Finally, we will develop and implement recreational activities and provide support for senior citizens.  

Three UVP Programs

Working together is the key to success. Your generous donation will make a huge impact and provide essential resources to those who need it the most.

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